Come Follow Me 1/6/2020 – Devotionals & FHE for Children

Daily devotionals, Family Home Evening (FHE), and Sunday ideas for kids and young children that go with Come, Follow Me for 1/6/2020.

Last week’s devotionals

Family Home Evening for Come Follow Me 1/6


Book of Mormon Stories (First verse)


1 Nephi 2:20


  • Read the scripture together.
  • This is a theme that reoccurs throughout the Book of Mormon.
  • It holds true in our day although you may not always see the direct result of your actions.
  • Make a poster together that will help your family remember the importance of keeping the commandments.


Coloring page – Nephi was blessed for choosing the right


Make a favorite recipe and talk about how if you don’t follow the right steps, the recipe would be a disaster.

Scripture of the Week for Come Follow Me 1/6

Work on memorizing this scripture during the week for Come Follow Me 1/6: 1 Nephi 3:7

I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Devotionals for Come Follow Me 1/6

Remember that these are guidelines for you to use!  Don’t feel as though you have to use every single question, journal entry, or activity.  Make sure you look at the activity in advance so you can gather any materials they may require.

Here is a general outline for each devotional for Come Follow Me 1/6:

  • Start by singing the song together and saying a prayer
  • Read the scripture together, and then have a discussion about it using the questions/comments provided
  • Copy the journal entries into a spiral notebook.  The child or the parent can write the question at the top, then the child can write or draw an answer.
  • Have fun together with the activity!

Modifications for older children for Come Follow Me 1/6:

  • Explore the footnotes for each of the scriptures listed in Come Follow Me 1/6
  • Ask additional discussion questions found in the Personal Study section of Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families
  • Instead of printing the journal entry and answering it with a drawing, create a study journal (a simple spiral notebook will work) to answer the question with a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on the child’s age.



Search, Ponder, and Pray


1 Nephi 5:21


  • The scriptures are of great worth to us.
  • How do you know that the scriptures were important to Lehi and his family?
  • What would you do to make sure your family always read and listened to the scriptures?


Maze – Nephi obtains the brass plates

Journal Entry

What is my favorite scripture story?



I Believe in Christ


1 Nephi 1:14


  • The Book of Mormon’s purpose is to testify of Christ.
  • Lehi has a great vision of Jesus Christ.
  • What do you learn about Him?
  • How does this strengthen your testimony of Jesus?


Cross-stitch sampler

Journal Entry

What will I do when I see Jesus again?



We Are Sowing


1 Nephi 2:19


  • Nephi, Laman and Lemuel all grew up in the same house with the same father and most likely had very similar experiences.
  • Why, then, did Laman and Lemuel murmur while Nephi had faith?
  • Nephi’s heart was softened when his father, the prophet, was commanded to leave.
    • Why was this?
  • What can you do to soften your heart?


No-sew felt heart

Journal Entry

How can I soften my heart this week?



Nephi’s Courage


1 Nephi 3:5-7


  • How did Nephi react when he was given a ‘hard thing’ to do?
  • Why do you think he reacted that way?
  • Is that what you think when you are given a task that is difficult?
  • What can you do to change your attitude?


Print and color figures to tell the story (glue them to popsicle sticks to make puppets)

Journal Entry

What is something that is hard for me to do?



Book of Mormon Stories


1 Nephi 4:1–3


  • The story of Moses is a great one. Why do you think Nephi brought it up?
  • How can you apply this in your life?
  • What stories do you want to remember to help you have faith the next time you are tempted to murmur?


Laman and Lemuel coloring page

Journal Entry

What can I do the next time I want to murmur?

Sunday Come Follow Me 1/6

Use Sundays for a time of reflection; share what you discussed that day in each of your classes.  Did you learn anything new or hear a different perspective about what you studied this week?

If you went to a class that did not use the Come, Follow Me 1/6 Manual, then share what stood out to you the most in your class.

Take a few minutes to talk about what parts of Sacrament Meeting you felt like were meant for you.

Here are some activities that go along with this week’s topic in Come Follow Me 1/6:

  • Create a “murmur” jar.  Have an empty jar with cotton balls next to it.  When children do what is asked without whining, they can put in a cotton ball.  If they whine, a cotton ball comes out.  Once the jar is filled, there is a reward (ice cream, etc.)
  • Act out the story of Nephi and his brothers going to get the brass plates.  Record it and send it to a long-distance loved one, like a grandparent
  • Learn the sign language for Nephi’s Courage
  • Complete this Nephi crossword puzzle

Primary Assignment for Come Follow Me 1/6:

The Come, Follow Me 1/6- For Primary manual contains a section in each week’s lesson entitled “Encourage Learning at Home.”  Here is this week’s invitation for Come Follow Me 1/6:

Invite the children to share experiences with their families when they were blessed for keeping the commandments. Encourage them to ask their family members to share similar experiences.

Come Follow Me 1/6

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