Come Follow Me 8/23/2021 – Devotionals & FHE for Kids

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Family Home Evening for Come Follow Me 8/23 for Kids


Teach Me to Walk in the Light


Doctrine and Covenants 93:40


  • Talk about the symbolism between light and truth.
  • Why is it important that children grow up with light and truth?
  • What does having a lot of light allow to you see?
  • What if you didn’t know what was true and what was false?
  • Would you feel confident and happy with your choices?


Sing the song again, and come up with some actions to go along with the words.


Luscious Lemon Delight (see what we did there?)

Scripture of the Week for Come Follow Me 8/23 for Kids

Work on memorizing this scripture with your children during the week for Come Follow Me 8/23: Doctrine and Covenants 93:27-28

And no man receiveth a fulness unless he keepeth his commandments.

He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.

Here are some ideas for marking your scriptures. You can download these tracing sheets as a PDF.

come follow me 8/23 tracing sheet print
come follow me 8/23 tracing sheet cursive

Devotionals for Come Follow Me 8/23 for kids

Remember that these are guidelines for you to use in your daily Come, Follow Me 8/23 devotionals with your children!  Please don’t feel as though you have to use every single question, journal entry, or activity.  Just make sure you look at the activity in advance so you can gather any materials they may require.

Here is a general outline for each devotional for Come Follow Me 8/23:

  • Start by singing the song together and saying a prayer
  • Read the scripture together, then your family can have a discussion using the questions/comments provided.
  • Copy the journal entries into a spiral notebook.  The child or the parent can write the question at the top, after which the child can write or draw an answer.
  • Have fun together doing the activity as a family!

Modifications for older children for Come, Follow Me 8/23 daily devotionals:

  • Explore the footnotes for each of the scriptures listed in Come, Follow Me 8/23
  • Ask additional discussion questions found in the Personal Study section of Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families for Come Follow Me 8/23
  • Instead of answering the journal entry with a drawing, you can create a study journal (a simple spiral notebook will work) to answer the question with a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on the child’s age.

You might also enjoy these Come Follow Me Workbooks for Kids:

Monday Devotional


The First Article of Faith (Children’s #122a)


Doctrine and Covenants 93:1-5


  • We believe in the Godhead: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
  • Some churches believe that these three people are the same one person (called the Trinity). We believe that God has His own body and Jesus has His own body.
  • We are one family – we call have the last name. That is similar to how God and Jesus say They are one. They aren’t really one person, but They have the same purpose and are very similar.
  • We can be one with God, too, when we try to do His will.

Journal Entry

What can I do today to be one with God?


“Article of Faith 1” word search

Tuesday Devotional


I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (Children’s #78)


Doctrine and Covenants 93:11-21


  • These verses are the Apostle John explaining that Jesus did not receive the full knowledge, but grew grace-by-grace.
  • Christ was always perfect, but He wasn’t born with a full knowledge that He was the Son of God. He was born like us – not remembering living with God.
  • We, too, are expected to learn line upon line. We won’t be perfect, but we can grow like Christ did.

Journal Entry

What can I do today to grow line upon line?


Coloring Page: “I Am Growing” (January 2019 Liahona and Friend)

Wednesday Devotional


The Lord Is My Light (Hymns #89)


Doctrine and Covenants 93:24–32


  • In the scriptures, “light” is often used as a symbol for knowledge and truth.
  • What do we learn about light, knowledge, and truth in these verses?
  • Christ is the light of the world. He gives us joy and helps us grow as we follow Him, like a sunflower follows the sun.

Journal Entry

How can I gain more knowledge?


Coffee filter sunflowers

Thursday Devotional


The Second Article of Faith (Children’s #122b)


Doctrine and Covenants 93:23, 33-38


  • Briefly outline the beginning of the Plan of Salvation: we lived with God as spirits, we came to earth to get bodies, Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden and left, and we have knowledge and are responsible for our own decisions thanks to the Atonement.
  • These verses tell us that everyone has agency – they can choose if they follow the light we learned about yesterday or not.

Journal Entry

What good choices can I make today?


Coloring Page: “Jesus created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right.” (Jan. 2012 Friend)

Friday Devotional


Teach Me to Walk in the Light (Children’s #177)


Doctrine and Covenants 93:40–50


  • These verses tell us how important it is for families to have light in their homes.
  • What is the job that the parents have? What is the children’s job?

Journal Entry

How can I bring light into our home?


“Family—Familia” (May 2011 Friend). A word search using the Spanish translations for the names of different family members.

Primary Children’s Assignment for Come Follow Me 8/23

The Come, Follow Me – For Primary manual contains a section in each week’s lesson entitled “Encourage Learning at Home.”  Here is this week’s invitation for Come Follow Me 8/23:

Invite the children to write down or draw something they learned in class and to share it with their families when they get home.

Sunday Ideas for Kids for Come Follow Me 8/23

Use Sundays for a time of reflection; share what you discussed that day in each of your classes.  Did you learn anything new or hear a different perspective about what you studied this week?

If you went to a class that did not use the Come, Follow Me 8/23 Manual, then share what stood out to you the most in your class.

Take a few minutes to talk about what parts of Sacrament Meeting you felt like were meant for you. If your younger children are struggling during Sacrament, try using these Ideas and Activities to Keep Toddlers and Kids Quiet During Church

Here are some activities that go along with this week’s topic in Come Follow Me /:

Sunday Kids Activities for Come Follow Me 8/23

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