Come Follow Me 3/9/2020 – Devotionals & FHE for Children

Daily devotionals, Family Home Evening (FHE), and Sunday ideas for kids and young children that go with Come, Follow Me for 3/9/2020.

Last week’s devotionals

Family Home Evening Come Follow Me 3/9


How Firm a Foundation


Jacob 4:4–11


  • Go outside and let members of the family shake a branch.
  • Then have them try to shake the trunk.
  • Why is it more difficult?
  • Why is our faith unshakable when it is centered on Jesus Christ?
  • How can you more closely align your faith with Christ?


Faith is like a seed color-by-number


Make an edible tree

Scripture of the Week Come Follow Me 3/9

Work on memorizing this scripture during the week of Come Follow Me 3/9:  Jacob 1:7

Wherefore we labored diligently among our people, that we might persuade them to come unto Christ

Devotionals for Come Follow Me 3/9

Remember that these are guidelines for you to use!  Don’t feel as though you have to use every single question, journal entry, or activity.  Make sure you look at the activity in advance so you can gather any materials they may require.

Here is a general outline for each devotional during Come Follow Me 3/9:

  • Start by singing the song together and saying a prayer
  • Read the scripture together, and then have a discussion about it using the questions/comments provided
  • Copy the journal entries into a spiral notebook.  The child or the parent can write the question at the top, then the child can write or draw an answer.
  • Have fun together with the activity!

Modifications for older children:

  • Explore the footnotes for each of the scriptures listed in Come Follow Me 3/9
  • Ask additional discussion questions found in the Personal Study section of Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families
  • Instead of printing the journal entry and answering it with a drawing, create a study journal (a simple spiral notebook will work) to answer the question with a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on the child’s age.



I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go


Jacob 1:17, 19


  • Jacob and the others that served in the church magnified their calling (responsibility.)
  • This means that they fulfilled what God asked them to do as best as they could.
  • When you are given a calling in the church, you should seek direction from Heavenly Father to know how He wants you to serve.


Steps to being called

Journal Entry

What can I do to prepare for my first calling?



The Thirteenth Article of Faith


Jacob 2:35


  • Chastity and honoring the promises that we make when we are marriage are some of the most important commandments we can follow.
  • When the Nephites disobeyed this commandment, what was the effect it had on their families?


Modesty checklist (this topic can be a sensitive one for many families.  Please feel free to adjust as needed with your family’s circumstances).

Journal Entry

What can I do to keep my promises?



He Sent His Son


Jacob 4:11


  • To reconcile means to bring something back into balance.
  • Right now, our sins put us out of balance with Heavenly Father.
  • Christ’s Atonement paid the price for our sins so that through Him, we can come back into balance with Heavenly Father and live with him.


Atonement crossword puzzle and/or word search

Journal Entry

What do I need to do to stay in balance?



Behold the Great Redeemer Die


Jacob 4:5


  • The Nephites observed the law of Moses, just like the Isrealites did.
  • God gave them the law of Moses to prepare them for Christ.
  • There are a lot of symbols that point to Christ (like sacrifice and purity.)
  • What commandments do we obey today that point us to Christ?


Ten Commandments Folding Craft Stick Crafts (halfway down the page)

Journal Entry

What commandment can I work on this week?



Come, Follow Me


Jacob 4:13–14


  • What do you think it means to be ‘spiritually blind’?
  • Sometimes we worry too much about things that don’t matter as much, when we should be focused on the basics of the gospel.
  • We can try to make the gospel about knowing things instead of faith and following Jesus.
  • This is what many of the Jews did during the time of Jesus and they didn’t even realize who Jesus was.
  • What can you do to focus on the plain and basic truths of the gospel?


Make a post of some basic gospel truths that you can hang in your home to remind yourself about what’s important.

Journal Entry

What gospel truth can you learn about this week?

Sunday Ideas for Come Follow Me 3/9

Use Sundays for a time of reflection; share what you discussed that day in each of your classes.  Did you learn anything new or hear a different perspective about what you studied this week?

If you went to a class that did not use the Come, Follow Me 3/9 Manual, then share what stood out to you the most in your class.

Take a few minutes to talk about what parts of Sacrament Meeting you felt like were meant for you.

Here are some activities that go along with this week’s topic in Come Follow Me 3/9:

  • Watch these three videos about Jacob 2-3
  • Watch this video of the bicycle and explain how it relates to the Atonement
  • Make simple puppets to represent Jacob and Joseph, Nephi’s younger brothers, who were leaders in the Church. Share some verses from Jacob 1 and 2 to explain what Church leaders are called to do.
  • Explain that some of the people in Jacob’s time were very rich, but they didn’t want to share what they had with people who were poor. Read Jacob 2:17–19 to help the children understand Jacob’s teachings to these people.
  • Read with the children Jacob 1:6–8 and 2:1–6, 11, helping them look for phrases that describe how God’s servants lead the Church. Ask them to write these phrases on pieces of paper and then share them with the family.
  • Write a letter to a prophet or an apostle.
  • Ask the children to draw a picture of a Church leader they know about, and let the rest of the family guess who they drew.
  • Read Jacob 2:17 to the children. What blessings has Heavenly Father shared with us?  Make a list as a family and say a special family prayer where you only express gratitude for those blessings.
  • Watch this video and talk about how it applies to our faith.

Primary Assignment for Come Follow Me 3/9

The Come, Follow Me – For Primary manual contains a section in each week’s lesson entitled “Encourage Learning at Home.”  Here is this week’s invitation for Come Follow Me 3/9:

Invite the children to think of something they can share with their families—including sharing something they learned in class today. Give them opportunities in a future lesson to talk about what they shared.

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