11 Ways Christ is the Master Teacher

I’d like to share 11 items on the list with you. Hopefully, with this list, you can explore for yourself the many ways that our loving Savior teaches you in your own life.

Every new test that I create, I take a couple of times and work out the problems myself to make sure that it’s doable.

I never ask students to learn or do something that I haven’t learned or done at some point

I intentionally give challenging problems

I teach the concepts and ask them to apply the math themselves to fit the stories and problems. This makes them stretch their brains, learn, grow, and become independent thinkers.

I tell them to look at their notes or think about it and piece it together themselves. I ask them to make conclusions based on what they already know.

Sometimes I will refuse to answer their questions

Even if they have some attitude or are my least favorite student, I don’t ever hate them or want them to fail. A Master Teacher’s goal is the student’s success, no matter what.

I love them individually

This is if they’re willing to put in the extra work to make up for what they’re lacking.

Everyone has the opportunity to be at the same level

How merciful I am depends on the student’s attitude and effort!

I try to find a balance between being just and being merciful

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