Christmas Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys

Are you tired of grandparents giving your kids toys as Christmas gifts? Here are some meaningful gifts that aren’t toys that your children should be receiving this Christmas!

• Memberships to a museum, the zoo, or similar outing we can do together as a family (bonus if the giver is able to come along as well!).

Christmas gifts that aren’t toys

• Gift cards to kid-friendly restaurants (including McDonald’s!) where they can pick out their own favorite foods. • Something homemade.

• Certificates for “big kid” activities, like laser tag or mani-pedis. • Educational items: puzzles, books, art supplies, etc.

• Music.  We love having educational and inspirational music to listen to at home during playtime and in the car while we run errands. • Lessons to learn how to play musical instruments.

• Outdoor equipment to increase family playtime outside. • Family board games. • Educational movies or DVDs.

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