15 Tips for a Healthy & Successful Marriage

Whether you’re a newlywed or are approaching your golden anniversary, these 15 tips for a healthy and successful marriage will work for you!


Compassion is giving a hug or assuring them that they are doing the best they can and that they are good enough. Your spouse or partner may be stressed beyond relief.


This can be a difficult one. Understand why he or she did that to you. That understanding and letting it go is forgiveness, and it’s vital for a successful marriage.


This can be a simple thing like opening the door for your partner when entering a facility or bringing a hot cup of tea or coffee and a little snack when your partner is working hard at home.

Be Consistent

Consistency is basically to periodically remind your partner that you love them so that they won’t forget and they can renew the certainty that you love them.


Opens the door to your relationship in understanding each other. Expressing priorities to each other, goals, dreams, yes the deeper stuff to build a foundation for your relationship.

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