3 Simple Tips to Save Money When You Love to Spend

Let me share with you three simple tips to save money that I’ve learned over the years. These allow me to stretch my resources without breaking the bank.

Using free gift cards is one of my favorite ways to pay for my shopping habit. It’s not an addiction! I can stop any time I want!

Get Free Gift Cards

Getting free gift cards is really not too difficult, and it requires very little effort on your part. That’s why it’s my simple tip to save money.

Each time I shop, I keep an eye out for sales on items that I know my family members would love. When something goes on sale, I purchase it right then and stick it on a shelf.

Set Up a Gift Closet

A gift closet is a great simple way to save money. Having a gift closet ends up saving me several hundred dollars each year! I never pay full price on gifts for birthdays and holidays!

Now, couponing takes too much time. Between clipping the Sunday papers, finding the deals in the sales ads, and going to the grocery store, it seems like a lot.

Learn How to Budget Your Food

This is a completely new way to look at your food budget and how to approach meal planning.

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