3 Tips for a Successful Sacrament Meeting at Home

The sacrament prayers as a family from the scriptures and talk about the symbolism to help us remember our covenants. So we have three tips to help you have a successful sacrament meeting at home.

Set aside a specific time to have your Sunday home sacrament meeting program. Scheduling is so important, especially right now.

Tip #1

Having a certain time makes it easier to have a structured day, which children desperately need. It also helps you make sure it actually happens! Have a proactive plan that you set as a goal.

Create a sacred space for your Sacrament meeting at home. The Sabbath day is supposed to be set apart from the rest of the world.

Tip #2

Similarly, worshipping as a family should be set apart from the rest of your daily routine. Since we can’t physically leave to go to church, set up an area where as a family you can make about this Savior.’

Have an organized plan for your sacrament meeting at home. Whether or not you use our free printed program, you should have an organized routine for how you want your sacrament meeting to go.

Tip #3

You should always begin and end with a prayer. Having at least one hymn at the beginning will always bring in the Spirit.

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