30 Free Easy Origami Tutorial Ideas for Kids

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A great activity for children to do when the weather isn’t cooperating or they need to be still and rest for a while. It develops their fine motor skills, as well as their spatial awareness.

Jumping Origami Frog Instructions

This is a great activity for kids for those bitterly cold days when going outside to play isn’t an option.

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Spring Bunny Origami Corner Bookmark

Do your kids love reading? These cute spring bunny origami bookmarks are perfect for them to make!

Photo: the-gingerbread-house.co.uk

Easy Origami Chick

This easy origami chick is the perfect FIRST origami folding craft. It really can’t get any simpler than this origami pattern!

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Free Printable Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycle

Make your own Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycle, a mesmerizing paper toy with a colorful “twist”!

Photo: artsyfartsymama.com

How to make an Origami Heart

Learn how to make an Origami Heart with these easy step by step instructions. This is such a simple DIY but tons of fun and the perfect activity for the kiddos.

Photo: onecrazymom.com

Origami Apple – Beginner Origami

Origami apples are a great way to get started with doing origami projects!

Photo: momsandcrafters.com

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