5 Family Christmas Activities

Have fun this holiday season with these five family Christmas activities that are not just opening presents or eating food! These are fun things do with your family this Christmas!

Gingerbread House Competition

Get creative! There are a million ways to adapt this activity to your family. And it’s SO MUCH FUN!

Treasure Hunt/Amazing Race

This fun family Christmas activity could go a million directions to suit your family best! So even if you do it every year, it can be totally different!

Make Packages/Kits to Give to Others

Christmas is often about receiving, but it should be about giving to others. Even if you just drop them off at the front desk of a charity, I’m sure someone will be grateful.

Candy Cane Hunt

You could even make it a competition: whoever finds the most wins a prize. This one is geared toward littler kids, although I’d have fun hunting candy canes as well.

Act Out the Nativity

This is a great one no matter how many people are with you! All you really need is a Mary, a doll to play Baby Jesus, and a wise man bringing gifts.

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