How Have a Biblical Marriage with Mutual Respect

Learn how to have a Biblical marriage based on scripture where both the wife and the husband treat each other with mutual respect.

As we get closer to Him, we also get closer to one another. When we keep our covenants, it makes our covenants with each other stronger.

Put God first in a Biblical marriage

When we were first married, my husband inadvertently said something that hurt my feelings on our way to my parents’ house for dinner.

Let God teach your spouse in a Biblical marriage

My father explain a concept and perspective about marriage that I had never considered before. This was the most important marriage advice I’ve ever gotten.

As you communicate with your spouse, remember who they are. He (or she) is a child of God.

Remember your spouse is a child of God

You are the most important, most influential person in your spouse’s life.  That is a precious gift that should not be taken lightly simply because it is commonplace.

We often hear that God is the third partner in our marriage, but most of us leave that as saying prayers as a couple, scripture study, and more.

Let God be the third partner in your Biblical marriage

It means that no matter what comes up, we keep our eternal goal in mind. Those covenants are how we do it. They’re how we make our marriage work….successfully.

Keep an eternal perspective with mutual respect

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