6 Ways Focusing on Your Style Is a Form of Self Care

Did you know that something as simple as focusing on your style is a form of self-care? Read these six tips for self-care by paying attention to your style.

Cleaning Your Closet

By cleaning out the closet, we can feel less cluttered and more in control of our lives and our possessions. Sometimes giving this area of your life a refresh is all it takes to make you feel lighter.

Trying New Outfits to Find Your Style

It’s hard to switch up daily activities when we have responsibilities, but switching our outfits could not be easier. Fashion is meant to be fun and experiential.

Going Shopping

If you have a favorite store, go inside and see what new pieces are coming into style. Try some things on, spend time with yourself, and enjoy each store’s unique environment.

Alter Your Clothes to Meet Your Style

This goes beyond the traditional sense of getting a pair of pants hemmed. I’m speaking of really altering old clothing and turning it into something new.

Playing Dress Up With Your Kids

Try on a different style with your children and ask their opinions about certain color combinations and patterns. Let them dress you, then laugh together.

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