7 Ways to Be Frugal With Lots of Kids

Here are seven tips on how to live frugally with a large family! Learn how to be frugal with lots of kids using these tips and tricks to help your family save money on groceries and more.

Meal Planning

I make out a list of what I need for each meal; I try to purchase the non-perishable items just once a month. Then I try to keep an eye on sales for any of those items and stock up every few months.

Join Local Facebook Groups

One of the biggest ways I save money is by purchasing things like clothes, furniture, etc. secondhand.

Learn how to coupon and save money on groceries

There are several couponing blogs where each week they create a list with the items in the ad and any matching coupons. It’s a money-saving tip for large families.

Managers Specials

As you head to the store with your coupons, make sure to check out the Manager’s Special area! Ask the manager when they usually do markdowns. This definitely helps me be frugal with lots of kids.

Bulk doesn’t always mean you can be frugal 

The best way to figure this out is by making a list of items that you usually purchase in bulk and noting their regular prices.

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save

Amazon Prime has a program called Subscribe and Save where you can set up recurring subscriptions for common household items. You get up to 20% off the entire order!

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