Kits in Bug Out Bags for Kids and Families

Here’s how to make a 72 hour kit and bug out bag for your family, especially if you have young kids. Emergency preparedness is important! What to Put in a 72 Hour Kit.


I purchased clothing a size larger than what they currently wear. That way I don’t have to change out the bags as frequently. One-piece outfits are the easiest!


The types of food you put in a 72 hour kit are going to be extremely individual. However, there are some universal supplies you should have on hand.

Personal Hygiene

You don’t want to be in an emergency situation without a toothbrush! You can bring trial size shampoo and conditioner, but I personally like these environment-friendly suds.


It’s important to stay on top of your health in an emergency. If you or your children have any medications you take on a regular basis, you should store them all in one place to grab easily.


You never know if you will be stranded at a hotel for a few days, or even on the road in a traffic jam. I put a few small games and toys in each kit.

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