8 Investing Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

I have compiled this list of 8 investing mistakes beginners should avoid. I hope after reading this you won’t make any of these mistakes and will be better prepared for a successful investing journey.

Not Investing At All

The reason this is a problem is because of a thing called inflation. Inflation is around 2% per year, so the money you have in your savings account is actually devaluing.

Not Having An Emergency Fund

This is a big mistake, if you end up losing your job and don’t have an emergency fund, you will likely have to sell your investments to cover your bills.

Not having a plan

An investing plan or strategy is what will guide your investing decisions moving forward and help keep you accountable. Without an investing plan, you may get tempted to make rash investing decisions.

Hot Stock Tips

Don’t fall for the mistake of spending hundreds of dollars for these tips. Instead, use that money to invest in an index fund that tracks the entire market performance.

Timing The Market

When you try to continually time your entry and exit points in the market, you will inevitably end up making some big mistakes that cost a lot of money.

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