Best Educational Graphic Novels Series for Kids

If your kid loves to read graphic novels, check out these educational graphic novels for children that a perfect for your child!

To help my daughter, and to help any of you who may want educational graphic novels for your kids, I’ve put together this list of my favorites that I have found.

Show Me History!

Learn about amazing historical narratives in educational graphic novel format for kids with this brand new series, Show Me History!

Manga Literary Classics Series

This educational graphic novel kids series has famous people in history, and it also has classic books such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in this format.

Survive! Inside the Human Body

This lively, full-color science educational graphic novel for kids explores Phoebe’s insides after she accidentally swallows a microscopic ship.

The Manga Guide Series

These Manga Guides are translations of a best-selling Japanse book series of educational graphic novels for kids.

Graphic Science 4D

Travel through time and across the globe with these educational graphic novels for kids as Max Axiom explains how and why the world works the way it does!!