How to Throw a Bug Birthday Party for a Kid Who Loves Insects

Is your child a lover of insects and all things bug-related? If so, then they’ll love having a bug birthday party this year with their friends! These party ideas are perfect for boys and girls.

We kept decorations pretty simple at our bug birthday party with regular balloons that had bug stickers on them. The kids played around with these balloons while we waited for all the kids to show up.


We worked on fun crafts. We used toilet paper tubes and egg cartons to make our own insects. One idea I found later that I wish we had done are these adorable ladybug crafts with paper plates.


While the kids were creating their bugs, we had “spider webs” to snack on! One of the girls who came has severe food allergies, so she was thrilled that we made a treat she was able to eat!

It was absolutely delicious! Most of the kids ate all of theirs, but some weren’t able to finish. It was very rich, and they had eaten a lot of junk food already.


The kids took home their plastic insects and the crafts that they had made at our bug birthday party. I also had little bags with leftover bug stickers for them to take home.

Goody Bag

Each bag also contained a mini lady bug beach ball and a simple bug magnet craft for them to make at home. We had planned on doing these at the party itself, but we were so busy with the activities!

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