14 Creative Halloween Crafts For Kids

Kids look forward to the costumes, the parties, and – of course- the candy from trick-or-treating!

Boost their enthusiasm for the holiday with these creative Halloween crafts that kids can make!

"Friendly Monsters" Easy Kids Felt Craft

These colorful kids felt craft “friendly monsters” put a new spin on paper dolls!

Kids will have fun making them AND playing with them for hours afterward.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Easy Mummy Craft

Easy to customize the colors according to your child’s preference or create a standard black and white mummy craft.

Tube Monsters

All the kids have to do is select a tube and then decorate it! The glue dots are ideal for the toddlers, and everyone enjoys paint and glitter!

Make Friendly Spiders from Upcycled Flower Pots

Show your kids how spiders can be cute and goofy instead of scary with this easy Halloween craft that uses flower pots.

How to Make DIY Unicorn Pumpkins with No Carving Mess!

These easy unicorn pumpkins are fun to make and easy for kids who might not be ready for a carving knife.

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