13 Financial Freedom Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

13 financial freedom mistakes you don’t know you’re making and how to fix them today. Live a frugal lifestyle the way Dave Ramsey teaches by staying within your budget.

You can correct this financial freedom mistake right now! Once you do, you’ll double the interest earned (bank-dependent).

You don’t have high interest saving and checking accounts

Before you start investing, do your research! Not every stock or fund will suit your financial strategy, your goals, or your values.

You haven’t invested in high dividend stocks to ensure financial freedom

Ebates provides cash back on what you are already buying. Ebates further sweetens the deal by offering double or triple cash back on certain items and services.

You aren’t using Ebates

Swagbucks provides you with a multi-faceted way to earn money by using their coupons, trying their deals, or receiving cash back.

You aren’t using Swagbucks or Receipt Hog

As for Receipt Hog, this app will pay you to snap pictures of your shopping receipts. You must buy things to support yourself and your family? Then this app is for you.

Create an automatic transfer that will automatically shift money from your checking account to your savings account as soon as you get paid.

You don’t have automatic savings set up to ensure financial freedom

Having an emergency fund, however, means that you have already set aside money to pay for unexpected costs and can stay within your budget.

You don’t have an emergency fund

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