Fun Neighborhood Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with Sidewalk Chalk

Get in touch with several families in your neighborhood and ask who wants to participate. Set a specific deadline for each household to finish their art before the scavenger hunt begins.

In our neighborhood, we asked for signups on a Monday in our neighborhood’s Facebook page (we just used a Google form to get signups). The  sign-up deadline was  Tuesday evening.

Assign each family (or each child, depending on how many want to participate) a figure to draw in sidewalk chalk. Each figure needs to be about 3 feet by 3 feet so it can be easily seen from the street.

Order your sidewalk chalk on Amazon for quick delivery! You could even order some for your neighbors or for a social-distancing birthday party. Just have it sent to their homes!

Make sure to choose a day that isn’t raining or snowing, or the hunt will be ruined!

We then had Wednesday and Thursday to complete our drawings. The neighborhood outdoor scavenger hunt with sidewalk chalk was to be completed sometime Friday or Saturday.

It just depended on your family’s schedule. This was a great activity to feel like part of a community. We got out of the house while maintaining social distancing.

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