30+ General Conference Activity Ideas for Kids & Preschoolers

The General Conference is coming up! Check out this HUGE list of general conference activity ideas for kids and preschoolers to help make the weekend more meaningful.

Make cinnamon rolls

Our kids love helping make them with us. It’s easiest for us to make them the night before and refrigerate them, then bake them the next morning.

Memorize the prophet and apostles

One thing that kids love to do is recognize the prophet and apostles by name as they come on the screen to give their talks.

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice Game

Hang it on the wall or place it on a tabletop. Tell your family that you are going to listen to the prophet’s voices and try to figure out who is talking.

Church Leaders Treat Bags

Print out the names and/or pictures of the prophets and apostles. Glue them onto paper bags or put them in sandwich baggies. Fill each bag with treats.

Say What? General Conference Game

Help your kids get an idea of what will be talked about at General Conference with this fun General Conference game!

General Conference Printable Notebook

Write down questions, impressions, inspiration, counsel, and goals. Later, review what you wrote so you can follow up on your inspiration and  continue learning.

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