Easter is coming up! That means it’s time for Easter egg hunts! Here are some tips on how to have a PERFECT Easter egg hunt!

Change the day of your Easter egg hunt

We enjoy going to church on Easter Sunday, and sometimes the hunt can take away from that.  We like to do our Easter egg hunt on Saturday instead so that Sunday we can focus on the true meaning of Easter. If you’re like us and like to focus on the Savior, then you may like this Christ-centered Easter egg hunt to do on Sunday.



Don’t use grass in the Easter baskets

We use tissue paper instead of grass in the baskets.  We hate the mess grass makes, and when they’re on a hunt, it just gets dragged all over the house! Plus, the tissue paper can be repurposed for gift bags, or it can be used again next year!


Easter egg color assignments

One of the biggest problems with Easter egg hunts is that some children will find more eggs than others, and that always ends in tears. In our home, we assign different color egg for each child.  If they find an egg that isn’t their color, they just move along and keep searching.  It allows us to hide the younger children’s eggs in easier spots without the older children taking them all first.



Divide the labor (and locations)

We usually have the kids hide eggs for each other!  We divide up the house into zones, and let a few kids hide eggs in each zone for other kids. The great part is that we only have to help the younger kids hide eggs for the older kids and make sure the older kids aren’t hiding the eggs in spots that are too difficult for the younger kids.



Recycle the Easter eggs

Unless a plastic egg is completely cracked, save it for next year!  Save yourself some time and hassle by not having to go to the store after more eggs. We also use many of the recycled eggs for egg hunts we do with our homeschool associations.


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