How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

This sprinkle was more about gathering together with friends and getting in some last-minute socialization before c-section recovery. So here are my tips on how to host a virtual baby shower.


We decided to go with Facebook Events and Zoom for my virtual baby shower. We created a Facebook event to send out invitations to people, and then we put the Zoom link in the event.

Zoom will let us communicate easily back and forth between people, and having the Facebook event makes it easy to send any games or printables to people in advance if they want to print them.


If this is your first baby and you want to do gifts, then you can let people in your event know that the gift should arrive a few days ahead of your virtual baby shower.

Amazon and Target make it very easy to have the gifts shipped directly to you when the guest orders.


If you have a group gathered together with you, with only a few other people who are coming in digitally to participate, then you can choose to have a special treat delivered to their home on the day of.

Since no one was going to be present with me except perhaps the hostess, I just let people know in the Facebook event that calories didn’t count during a baby shower, so they should bring their favorite treat.

We had people fill in the squares with words they thought would be discussed during the shower. They then played the game throughout the virtual baby shower.

Games at a Virtual Baby Shower


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