How to Itemize Your Medical Expenses on Your Taxes

Do you have a lot of medical expenses in the USA? Learn how to itemize your medical expenses on your taxes to increase your return.

When a family friend suggested we itemize those medical expenses on our taxes for the year, we were thrilled.

Why We Need to Itemize Our Medical Expenses

We already kept a careful budget (using the program YNAB) and had a separate category for medical. We assumed it would be easy to just stick that total into our taxes.

Imagine our surprise to see that instead of one lump sum for “medical,” we had to categorize it! There were separate entries for prescriptions, doctor bills, facilities, labs, and more.

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After this time-consuming disaster, we made a spreadsheet with a new tab for each of the different medical categories.

How to Itemize Your Medical Expenses

Each time we entered a medical expense into our budget, we also added it to our spreadsheet in the proper category.

By doing this a couple of times each week, we saved so many hours at the end of the year and ensured that we never missed an expense.

- Prescriptions - Medical Professionals - Facilities - X-Rays and Lab Work - Long-Term Care - Glasses and Contacts - Supplies and Equipment - Travel Expenses

Medical Expenses Categories

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