Keep Christ in Christmas All Through December

This Christmas tradition will help you focus on Jesus Christ all throughout the Christmas season.

Keep your Christmas focusesd on the Savior all throughout December with this daily Christmas tradition. Have a Christ-centered Christmas this year.

Christmas Traditions

There was one house in Denver that we stopped at every year.  The home owners had turned their entire backyard into a Santa’s workshop, full of trains and lights, and even a sleigh.

They also passed out free hot chocolate to anyone brave enough to get out of their snug warm cars into the frigid air. This is something that I continue to do with our family.

Keep Christ in Christmas

It’s the simplest tradition, really. And I got it from one of my companions in the Missionary Training Center in the Domincan Republic. It’s something she and her family did each year:

Read the book of Luke.

Most people read Luke 2 on Christmas Eve – many families with young children even act out the Nativity. However, Christ is so much more than His birth! We need to keep Christ in Christmas.

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