How to Set Up a Gift Closet

Learn how to set up a gift closet! Save money on presents and never be unprepared for a baby shower, birthday, or holiday event again!

What is a Gift Closet?

A gift closet is a forgetful person’s lifesaver. It’s a collection of items that can be given as gifts at a moment’s notice. There are toys and nontoys for all ages, genders, and possible situations.

How to Set Up a Gift Closet

I keep our gift closet in an actual closet but you don’t have to store the items there. You can keep them on a top shelf in the pantry, or in a cupboard in your laundry room.

How Fill Your Gift Closet

One of the best ways that I fill up our gift closet is when I find awesome deals in this Facebook group. That’s probably where 90% of our gift closet items come from.

What to Fill Your Gift Closet With

The items you purchase to set up your gift closet do not need to be just for other people! I keep an eye out for things that my husband or kids would want.

The Perks

It really helps our budget to spread out our gift-buying. It also helps to not pay full-price when my darling children tell me last-minute about a gift that’s needed in a few hours!

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