How to Set Up a Monthly Meal Plan

Put all the meals you want on a calendar for the month! This is a frugal way to prevent splurge purchases while at the grocery store. Stick to your grocery list by planning your meals ahead of time.

Get Your Monthly Meal Plan Supplies

Our brilliant idea was to not do just a week’s worth of menu planning, but to do an entire month. To help with that, we bought a blank montlhy whiteboard calendar.

Choose Meals

Phillip and I sat down and made a list of meals that we both enjoyed. They also had to be meals that one of us knew how to make, too!

Schedule Your Meals

At the beginning of each month, we arrange the magnets on the calendar make out a month’s worth of planning. The magnets are also useful if I need to change the plan for a day.

Shop for Your Meals

Once we have our monthly meal plan calendar ready for that month, we make a giant grocery list of everything we would need to for that month to make the food.


It takes some work to set up, but monthly meal planning has cut down on our food expenses tremendously. We’re less likely to make splurge purchases and we can stockpile on we regularly use.

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