How to Set Up Your Food Storage

Learn how to set up food storage without expired food and wasted money! Free tracking spreadsheet and printables to help build an emergency food storage.

Calculate short-term storage

Our food storage is a hybrid of short-term items and long-term items. I’m going to walk you through how to calculate how much of everything you need.

Choose two weeks of pantry meals

I want you to make a list of two weeks’ worth of food that your family would eat if you were forced to live off your food storage.

Make a list of ingredients

Once you have your 14 meals chosen, make a list of every single thing you would need to purchase for those two weeks of meals.

Set up a monthly meal plan

This monthly meal plan needs to incorporate every single item on your list of ingredients. You do not have to make the same meal! That’s just fine! But you need to use each item at least once.

Make Calculations

Take your list of ingredients and multiply it by 26. That’s how many of that item you will need in order for it to last an entire year.

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