4 Ways Groceries are Cheaper When Purchased Online

If going to the grocery is time consuming and expensive, here are four ways that purchasing groceries online is cheaper! Stick with your food budget and live more frugally with these thrifty tricks.

Avoid Impulse Buys

I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of times, they are not something that I would otherwise buy. So while it’s a great deal, it still means more spent out of pocket.

Fewer Trips

I only have to go to the store once because I made our shopping list online – each time I realized I was out of something, I added it to our online cart instead of writing it down on a list.

Digital Coupons

Probably the biggest reason I save more online is because there are many different digital coupons that offer free or greatly-reduced items only with a Kroger Clicklist order!

Subscription Discounts

You can set up automatic deliveries of items you regularly use and you get an automatic 5% off. But if you have 5+ items scheduled to arrive in a single month, you’ll get 15% off instead!

Our Example of Cheaper Online Groceries

The most common way I get my groceries cheaper while shopping online is with Kroger’s Clicklist.

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