11 Lessons We Learned from Being Foster Parents

We went from 2 kids to 7 overnight. Here are the lessons we learned from being foster parents and taking in children. After this initial experience, we decided to become licensed foster parents.

Communication is everything

I know that sometimes communication is hard to do, especially when you’re just getting to know someone. When you’re living in a home together, you have to talk to each other!

Home should be a safe space.

This needed to be the case for any children that came into our home. It was my job to make sure that each kid who walked through my front door felt safe and loved.

Apologies, forgiveness, and agency are all connected

My job is to help them learn to both apologize, both forgive, and both strive to choose to end a conflict – to act the way God wants them, instead of naturally reacting.

Treat others how you want God to treat you

I explained to them that the way they treat each other will be how God will treat them on judgment day. It’s made an amazing difference in their behavior towards one another.

You will never understand another’s perspective

When we make quick judgments about someone being rude or difficult, we need to take a second to remember that they may have concerns in their lives that we could never even imagine.

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