Coconut Nutella Popcorn

Have a delicious treat with this Coconut Nutella Popcorn! It’s the perfect recipe for a dessert or snack that will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth.

Nutella, coconut, and coconut oil combined with popcorn makes for a perfect sweet that you can customize with health foods like granola, shredded nuts, and savory foods.


- coconut oil - nutella - coconut - popcorn

Melt coconut oil in small sauce pan over low-medium heat.

Step 1

Stir in Nutella and coconut, adding more oil as necessary to make the mixture thin and sauce-like. It needs to be thin enough to pour over the popcorn.

Step 2

Once the Nutella mixture is thin and runny, pour over popped popcorn, careful not to burn yourself.

Step 3

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