Ideas for Long Airline Flights with Toddlers

The secrets to surviving a long airline flight with toddlers. Tons of tips and hacks to travel with young kids. Today I am sharing all of my tips for flying with toddlers with you!

I pack their bags with new activities that I know they’ll love and some favorite snacks too. They are only allowed to open them once we’re on the plane.

Packing for a Long Airline Flight with Older Toddlers

- Mess free coloring book - Small puzzle - Stickers - Sticker activity book - Some type of surprise toy that can be unwrapped - A small apple

Here’s what I packed for my 2 and 4 year olds on a recent 8 hour trip:

Keeping a young toddler busy on a long airline flight is no easy feat. Yes, they will likely nap for at least a couple hours if you’re lucky, but you will still have a lot of time to kill.

Packing Your Diaper Bag

- Baby snacks that take time to eat - Variety of small, lightweight books - Magnetic Tegu blocks - Finger puppet - Baby sunglasses - Buckle toy

Here’s what I decided to put in my diaper bag:

Choose your flight time carefully When we fly to Scotland (11 hours), we do a red eye at the kids’ usual bedtime. You want to maximize the time your kids spend sleeping on the flight.

General Flying Tips for Long Airline Flights with Toddlers

Splurge for extra legroom and try to sit towards the front of the plane. You will get to board last so your kids get longer to run around and you will get to leave the plane first.

Choose your seat carefully

Sometimes it is the only way to get baby to nap in a strange place, and naps are very important on a long airline flight with toddlers!

Bring your baby carrier on board

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