10 Fall Crafts That Kids Can Do This Autumn

Fall is in the air! And with the cold weather coming, it’s important to have indoor activities for your children.

That’s why we made this list of fall crafts for kids!

Fall-Scented Cooked Playdough Recipe

This recipe is a variation of our best playdough recipe and allows you to whip up perfect homemade fall playdough in just a few minutes!

DIY Squishies for the Fall Kids' Table

These DIY squishies for the Fall are darling and supportive in creating a quieter and calmer dining experience.

Wax and Watercolor Leaf Resist Art

Whether you are taking a scenic drive into the mountains to collect leaves or exploring your neighborhood, this is a fantastic project.

Kids DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath

Simple enough for kids of any age to make and is something can do with your kids after school and on the weekends that wouldn’t take up too much time.

Seasons of a Tree Artwork

Great for all ages, as it’s simple enough for a small child to do but fun for older kids as well.

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