How to Organize a Homeschool Room

Here’s where we got everything and why we chose it. And don’t worry, we like to homeschool on a budget, so this wasn’t super expensive!

I absolutely love how much storage space these desks have in our organized homeschool room! There are also cubbies underneath the desk in the back.

Organize Your Desks

The only thing I’m not a fan of is that there is a small gap in between the two desks, where pencils and pens tend to meet their demise.

Believe it or not, these bookshelves are not built in! Phillip put them together himself! We needed a place to organize our books for the homeschool room.

Bookshelves in a Homeschool Room

Phillip installed the shelves and anchored them to the walls with about 3 inches of space between each. He then purchased wood to fill in the gaps, caulked, and painted it.

Our homeschool room has several different seating options, depending on what we’re doing. It helps keep our homeschool room organized.

Seating for a Homeschool Room

When I sit on the rocking chair to teach science or to read aloud, the kids sit on these bean bag chairs from Wayfair. They’ve held up really well so far, even with our son jumping from the desk onto them.

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