5 Simple & Unique Frugal Living Tips

Save money with these simple and unique frugal living tips for beginners! It’s easy to live a thrifty life when you follow these life hacks that aren’t extreme.

Start a gift closet

It may seem counter-intuitive, but you can actually save money by purchasing discounted items that you may not need and storing them in the closet for the future.

Join local Facebook groups

These groups often have names like “Beg Barter Buy Sell” or “Online Garage Sale.” I get most my kids’ clothes from these groups.

Manager Specials & Coupons

Make sure to check out the Manager’s Special areas of your local stores! Ask the manager when they usually do markdowns. This will help you stay in a $42 weekly grocery budget.

Do Some Research

You can then use an app called Flipp. It collects the ads for different stores in your area, and you can search them to find out which store is currently selling at the lowest price.

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save

Amazon Prime has a program called Subscribe and Save where you can set up recurring subscriptions for common household items. If you set up a subscription, then you get 5% off that item.

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