25 Washi Tape Crafts for Kids

Check out these adorable DIY washi tape craft ideas for kids! Your children will have a blast making these washi tape crafts.

1. Clothespin Magnets with Washi Tape

This DIY will only take a couple minutes! Make these clothespin magnets with washi tape to display notes and photos on your fridge.

2. Washi Tape Butterfly Magnet Craft

With washi tape, clothespins, and a little hot glue, your kids will love making these butterfly magnets!

3. DIY Cutout Rocket Card

It is time to venture into space with our fun DIY cutout rocket card! This card is made by cutting out a rocket shape from a piece of paper or cardstock and then decorating.

4. DIY Dry Erase Board Made in Minutes!

Make your own dry erase board the easy way! This DIY dry erase board was created from a $1 frame and uses washi tape.

5. Washi Tape Flowerpot

If you need to come up with a craft that takes fifteen minutes or less, minus drying time, then this Washi Tape Flowerpot fits the bill perfectly.

6. Make a Washi Tape Twig Star

Forage around your backyard for fallen twigs to create a decorative Washi Tape and Twig Star! These are easy to craft while you’re out camping with the family.