6 Ways to Feel Like a Good Mom Even When You’re Sick

When you have a sick day, it can be difficult to feel like a good mother when you have children who need attention. So here are six ways you can feel like a good mom in spite of your health problems.

If you haven’t heard of the Spoon Theory, go read it. You need to recognize that you now have a finite number of spoons each day. And you need to pace yourself and use them wisely.

Start Counting Your Spoons

It can feel like admitting you’re a failure as a mom when you have to ask another mom for help. But you can ask for help and accept offers of help and still be a good mom!

Accept Help When You’re Sick

There are some days where you physically cannot parent much. You can still be a good mom when you’re sick and let your kids binge on television.

Find Educational Screen Time Options

I set a timer on my phone. Depending on how many spoons I have that day, it may only be three minutes, and we may be playing Barbies on my bed together. But my kids will remember that I said yes.

Set a Timer

I find it helpful if I use those days to plan for the days that will be difficult. If I feel well enough to make dinner, I double the recipe and stick half of it in the freezer for later.

Plan Ahead

Pinterest is full of ideas for things you can do or play with your children from the couch or bed! Some are a bit age-dependent, but you can find things to do at every age level.

Find Ways to Play

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