Why You SHOULD Cast Stones at Others

Christ taught that he who is without sin is the only one who is permitted cast a stone at others. But here’s why you SHOULD be casting stones.

When the world seems to be battling against them like the Philistines, we cast them a strengthening hand. And we do so their enemy, whom they cannot defeat alone, can be conquered.

Cast Stones of Help

While none of us has the capability to preach the gospel to the entire earth, we do have stones that fit neatly into our corner of this planet.

Cast Stone of Missionary Work

As we come in contact with those around us who we may feel are in sin, we should take the time to receive revelation through the Spirit and cast stones of empathy to them, not stones of condemnation.

Cast Stones of Empathy

They will tell us how we can offer them strength and support. By casting the stones of our covenants, we encourage them to eventually make covenants of their own.

Cast Stones of Covenants and Prayer

Our responsibility is to take the stones of our testimonies of Christ and toss them to others, giving them the opportunity to know Him for themselves.

Cast Stones of Testimony

This is when a person needs a stone of help cast to them the most. When you have strength, share that strength with those who don’t.

Cast Stones of Strength

We can provide light to others as we share what makes us happy and allow others to feel the peace and comfort the gospel brings into our own lives.

Cast Stones of Light

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