19 Fall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Nothing says cozy season of fall like beautiful autumn-themed decor in your home.

Here are 19 cute fall decor ideas to help you enjoy the cooler weather that comes with this time of year!

Succulent Centerpieces

It's not your run-of-the-mill pumpkin decoration; it's an elegant, living centerpiece that captures the essence of fall. By incorporating succulents atop pumpkins, the project combines two popular décor elements into one design.

Photo: delicioustable.com

DIY Autumn Origami Leaf Garland

When looking for fall decor ideas, this DIY Autumn Origami Accordion-Folded Paper Leaf Garland is a both eye-catching and meaningful.

Photo: gatheringbeauty.com

DIY Fall Farmhouse Wreath with Removable Bow

This simple DIY fall farmhouse wreath is perfect because you can use it in a variety of ways.

Photo: hunnyimdiy.com

Paper Pumpkin Craft

This paper-based craft allows you to construct your own pumpkins using just colored paper, scissors, and a few other basics for a cute, happy fall decor item for your home.

Photo: annsentitledlife.com

Easy Frugal Candy Corn

This yarn candy corn offers a fun, playful take on fall decor that is both cute and easy to make.  Whether you hang it on the wall or display it on a table, it’s sure to bring smiles.

Photo: cookeatgo.com

Homemade Bountiful Harvest Basket

The Homemade Bountiful Harvest Basket is a cornucopia of seasonal delights that makes a versatile autumnal display and is one of the best fall decorating ideas.

Photo: annsentitledlife.com

DIY Fall Quote Banners

This project offers you the chance to combine visual appeal with meaningful text, creating a personalized touch for your Fall décor.

Photo: elvamdesign.com

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