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10 Tips for How to Take a Road Trip With Kids by Yourself

If you are going on a road trip with kids by yourself, then you will need these tips and tricks to have an easy journey with the children – especially if you’re going by yourself! These ideas will make for the perfect roadtrip vacation with your family.

My Essential Homeschool Room Organization Tips for Parents on a Budget

Are you looking for ideas to design and organize your home office or a homeschool room, or even just a room where your kids can do their homework and read books? Check out these tips and learn from this homeschooling family how to organize a homeschool room and office on a budget!

12 Ways on How Coupons Teach Math for Kids

Here’s a list of twelve ways coupons teach math. These math concepts can be better understood by learning how to use coupons. This math teacher uses coupons to teach students how to improve their math skills and live frugally at the same time with couponing.
mother-with-globe-teaching-kids-giant-list-of-free- school-at-home- Resources-plus-free-daily-schedule

GIANT List of Free Resources for Homeschoolers + Free Daily Schedule

Sometimes you’re stuck at home with the kids with nothing to do. Whether it’s summer, spring break, or a week-long blizzard, we all have those times where our routines get thrown off because our public school kids are home unexpectedly from school. These free school-at-home resources will help you schedule your children’s unexepcted free time.