10 Simple Home Organization Tips to Do at Night for a Better Tomorrow

Feeling frazzled with the unrelenting pace of meals, schooling, work, keeping house, chores? These simple home organization tips can drastically increase how smoothly your whole day proceeds.

Hi, I’m Jennifer, with some simple home organization tips for you that you should do at night so tomorrow will be better!

These simple home organization tips are necessary parts of life but can feel out of control very quickly. We’ve all been there and probably repeatedly. I for one am all too familiar with the frenetic mind chaos of out of control schedules. 

This often leads to a cranky short-tempered mom with a dark outlook on everything at the moment ending in a not-so-cheery house. It can get worse if you have a long mom’s daily to-do list.

It’s not because I am scatterbrained, unintelligent, or uncaring that things can seem to cascade out of control. It can be from fatigue, mental distraction, being overscheduled, or any number of reasons. It’s can be even more difficult if you struggle with something like antepartum depression.

But, many times all it takes are a few simple tips to make a big impact on the things we can change and helps you conserve your spoons.

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The leader sets the smoothness quotient

In past years, I frequently found myself overwhelmed with the age old question of what’s for dinner. I would tear up knowing that I didn’t have any thawed meat because I forgot the night before to take the meat out of the refrigerator and it was now time to make dinner. Not knowing what to cook in it’s place, frustration mounted and dinner was severely lacking in the appeal department. Sound familiar? 

In came spiral menu planning and it is now much less common when I encounter this problem. It is a huge relief not to have the constant dread of figuring out what to cook for dinner.

What about keeping up with the housekeeping or school subjects? These are all part of discipline and home organization of the “leader”, ahem, meaning YOU.

Simple Home Organization Tips

10 Simple Home Organization Tips

Read on to see how simple quick homeschool organization tips and fixes can have a dramatic effect on your day. Have a better day and be relaxed and happier

Tip #1: Prep your bathroom at night

Would you panic if someone showed up at your house right now unexpectedly – and ended up using your bathroom during their visit?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the state of the bathroom in the morning before the day even starts? A simple fix: prep your bathroom at night when you are getting ready for bed.

To do this, keep a cleaner spray bottle under the bathroom sink. Spray the sink and faucet while you brush your teeth. Take toilet paper or a paper towel and quickly wipe down the sink when you are done brushing your teeth. Take a damp paper towel and quickly wipe the mirror if needed. Then turn and use it with the spray bottle on the toilet seat edges and base.

Just this little bit can freshen the bathroom and start your morning on a more encouraging note.

When really pressed, use toilet paper and liquid soap from the pump at the sink and on toilet rim. Takes about 2 minutes.

Simple Home Organization Tips

Tip #2: Do a double-take on school subjects, especially math

Many times, school subjects for homeschooling can seem too daunting to fit into the day. A smoother more cheerful day can often be traced back to the mom and how prepared or organized she is.

One very simple home organization tip that makes a big impact is to quit rushing from subject immediately to the next subject.

Meaning, when you are done going over math with your child, don’t close the book and head off to the next subject. Instead, give your child a break while you sit and privately read over the next lessen right then and there.

Don’t forget to fill the backpack the night before! No more rushing for misplaced homework just as the bus pulls up. Just make it part of your bedtime routine!

By doing this, it preps your mind for the next day when you reach for the math book to explain the lesson to your child. You automatically pull out what you are going to need without having to be frustrated by not being ready for the day’s lesson and having to scramble.

Your child will also benefit by the break to let the information just learned settle in the mind a bit before turning the focus on a different subject.

Simple Home Organization Tips

Tip #3: Use the spiral menu plan to turbo charge home organization

“What’s for dinner?” is the age-old stumbling block for us all world-wide. Not pulling meat out to thaw is a big reason this can be a problem.

The simple fix: using a spiral method menu plan. This makes dinner easy to prepare for, shopping list already done, and menu planning faster.

At night, right after dishes are washed, check your spiral notebook and see what’s on for dinner the next night. Take the meat out of the freezer to thaw, and you’re good to go.

We’ve all heard of the tip to prepare the night before with frozen meat. But the key is to make it a routine movement associated with cleaning the dinner dishes and clearing the table.

Making it easy to know what to pull out is the key to success by having the menu already there for you. Takes less then 3 minutes.

To learn how to make your own spiral menu plan, check out the article and download your cheat sheet.

You may also find this monthly meal calendar helpful as well.

Tip #4: Get your Wii and Play Station going

This sounds strange as a tip but most of us struggle to fit in exercise to take care of ourselves.

We are too busy taking care of everyone else. There just isn’t enough time in the day to find personal alone time to exercise. This is a major stumbling block for busy moms.

Simple fix, don’t try to do it by yourself.

There are fun and effective ways to do exercise with your kids. Jog while your kids ride bikes, use the workout challenge games on your gaming console with your kids and compete together.

I like to use our old Wii and fitness board to challenge my teen son and we both get to exercise. Both my kids get quite the entertainment riding bikes while I do sprints, grunting and being slow behind them.

For littles, you may need to use them as your weight set to work those legs, triceps, and biceps.  They will think it’s a fair ride and love it.

Tip #5: Ask how your Hubby’s day went

Recently, my husband began doing something different that I noticed right away. Normally, He would get home from work, put his lunchbox in it’s place, kiss me hello, go change, get busy around the house with what he needed doing.

One day, he came home, put his lunchbox away, turned and sat on the stool in the kitchen and just chatted with me with his undivided attention. I noticed this privately and it’s amazing how we both connected and blossomed by touching bases together.

Even though it was toward the later part of the day, it is actually a very crucial part. That late afternoon time headed to dinner preparations is sometimes a fatiguing part of the day for many moms and dads too. 

Taking a moment just to ask each other what their day was like before breaking into our respective projects is a balm for each of you. It’s amazing how the day seems to perk up after talking with each other.

I know this doesn’t seem to be an obvious fit in an article on home organization tips, but mindset and relationships play a huge role in our attitude and thus our ability to focus well.

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Simple Home Organization Tips

Tip #6: Prep your washer at night

Just like prepping your bathroom at night, you can prep your washer also!

Right before you are locking up the doors, closing curtains, tucking in the kids, turn on the washer, put the detergent in, and fill with a load. When the water is filled, turn the washer off and let the load soak overnight.

In the morning, turn it on while making breakfast. Fold the dry load at any point in the the day. It makes it much easier to fold the dryer load and quickly put wet clothes in the dryer faster by having it just that little bit prepped.

This enables you to do a load a day if needed and avoid those huge mountains of overwhelming laundry that can pile up from missing a few days of laundry.

Better yet, add it to the chore chart in the next tip for super home organization tips ninja points!

Tip #7: Start that chore chart and reset for the day

Many overwhelmed moms are just plain trying to do it all and not delegating! Use that little army around you to help with the chores and they will also benefit from the responsibility and knowledge.

I frequently had fellow students staring at the washer and dryer in the college dorms looking completely helpless and clueless because they had never been required to do a single load of wash at home.

Chores can begin with very young children and progress as they age. Starting with putting out forks and spoons or dinner plates, clearing the table, all the way up to sorting and doing the laundry.

Along with chores for all ages is the evening announcement, “Time to reset for the day!” After dinner and before showers/ baths, having everyone go through the main living areas putting their stuff and projects away for the day.

Little children will learn quickly that this is a normal part of the day and as they grow, they automatically start doing this after dinner.  

Get the kinds involved in chores with these free printable chore charts and age-appropriate chores list. You might also want to use these 25 free printable spring cleaning checklists.

Tip #8: Get the loop schedule going

Putting repeated chores, maintenance, or homeschool subjects on a loop can free up a lot of mental capacity. Using simple sticky notes or index cards on a ring can make your time less wasted.

Rotating on a loop also ensures that you don’t miss a particular item for weeks or months on end simply because you forgot or it’s not your favorite.

Loop scheduling is simple to create and implement, allowing you freedom of schedule and less frustration if you miss what’s scheduled due to life interruptions.

For more information on how to create homeschool loop schedules, you can visit our article and free printable.

This was a game changer in our household that helped me stop panicking that we had to run to town and it would mess up the boxed curriculum checkboxes for the week;)

Tip #9: Stop watching HGTV or other home and garden shows

I know this will not be a favorite tip and I’m all about Chip and Joanna!

One year when I was able to catch the home shows here and there. I also had several home magazines coming to our house, I suddenly realized just how much of the time I walked around critical and discontent with my surrounding house and current projects.

Discontent breeds a pessimistic and cynical nature which spills over to other areas of your day. This in turn starts a domino affect with relationships and how we respond to each other.

As the saying goes, “if mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy!” There’s a truth nugget there for sure.

Just be sure mama that your happiness isn’t based on your material possessions. Otherwise, you will constantly be on the discontented wagon.

I cancelled the magazines and we don’t get tv anymore. It’s very freeing to live the life where God plants you instead of always trying to struggle against your material surroundings all the time.

Tip #10: Pick your pocket verse

For some of us, our thoughts and ideas whirling around in our head are the biggest player in how our day goes. When tough or particularly faith testing times come around, the anxiety and stress can undermine everything we do.

One important thing that I added years ago during those times is to pick a pocket verse that includes a promise from God Himself.

For years, Jeremiah 33:3 was the pocket verse I would put in my pocket every single day with my ever-present lip balm. Every single time I put my hand in my pocket, my fingers would brush the little card with this verse on it.

After just a few days, I had that verse imprinted in my mind forever.

At night, that verse card would be put in the mirror frame in the bathroom waiting for the morning. Something so simple as this had an amazing effect on my mindset. It then trickled down to how smoothly our home ran.

For more information on how this works, check out this article.

It’s the simple home organization changes that make your home run more smoothly!

There are myriads of wonderful tips and articles to be had in books and on the internet. I hope you are blessed with these as well as others and have a wonderfully smooth hygge day!

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