Easy DIY Raised Garden Beds for Any Size

If you’re planning a garden this spring, then you’ll love these easy DIY raised garden beds! They’re simple and affordable, and weeding is much easier!

Hi everyone, it’s Phillip.

Tiffany and I love having a garden. When we moved to Colorado, the house we purchased had raised garden beds in it.

We had a wonderful harvest that first year we planted! Our oldest loved helping out, and we had these fun garden rocks to label the vegetables.

DIY Garden Rocks to Label Outdoor Plants
DIY Garden Rocks to Label Outdoor Plants

Then we moved to Houston and built a house. We were excited about having two growing seasons, but first we had to set up the garden area. We also had to get rid of the harmful bugs we weren’t accustomed to.

I took a class at our local Home Depot on raised garden beds. They were so simple to make, I put together five at home!

These make it easier for Tiffany with her Crohn’s disease to help weed without having to bend over.

How to Make DIY Raised Garden Beds

These raised garden beds are incredibly easy to make, and they’re perfect for customizing to whatever size and height you need!

The key is these Planter Wall Blocks for each corner of the garden. All you have to do is stack them as high as you need, then connect with 2×6 boards cut to the length that you need!

I then took 2×6 boards of the same length and ran them along the tops to make a shelf/bench. This will make planting and weeding more comfortable.

As you grow your plants, you can also use this How Seeds & Plants Grow Lapbook for 2nd – 6th grades to make educational for your kids.

Our DIY Raised Garden Beds

After I put our garden beds together, they turned out great!

The kids love planting in them, and they’re easier to maintain because I built them higher. Tiffany is able to reach them easily as well.

We didn’t have a sprinkler system in the yard, so when we had it installed, we had them put a drip system in the beds as well.

Our first year gave us a great haul, and we’re excited for future plantings and harvests!

These raised garden beds go perfectly with adorable fairy gardens, too!

DIY Garden Rocks to Label Outdoor Plants
DIY Garden Rocks to Label Outdoor Plants

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