Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

Are your kids tracking their reading for Pizza Hut’s Book-it program, a library reading program, or are they just wanting to improve their reading? Help them keep track with these free printable monthly reading charts!

Reward your child for reading every day and meeting their reading goals with these free monthly printable reading charts for kids. There’s one for each month with a cute theme, and they make daily tracking fun with the adorable images.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here.

Did anyone else ever get grounded from reading as a child?

No?  Just me?

Well, true story – I loved reading so much that when I was a kid, the only way to give me a consequence I cared about was to ground me from reading and force me to go play outside or at a friend’s house.

And oftentimes, I got grounded from reading becauase I was trying to read late at night in the bathroom.  I never could figure out how my parents knew I was in there.  (Duh, the light was on and could be seen from the hallway).

Phillip and I are both big readers, and we want our children to love reading as well.  As they transition from being read to to reading on their own, we want to help motivate that. 

One way we do that is with these Fry’s First 100 Sight Words Flashcards and these 13 Free Sight Words Games and Activities!

Why do you need a free printable monthly reading chart for your kids?

Our kids go through several different reading programs throughout the year. Sometimes, especially during the summer, they are in a few at the same time!!  And with modern technology, many are tracked online now (like Pizza Hut’s Book-It program).

Even when there aren’t any ongoing programs, since we homeschool, we need to come up with our own ways to encourage reading.

To help keep track a little better, and to help the kids be more involved and excited for reading, we created these free printable reading charts for kids so they can color in each day that they read.

The great thing about these free printable monthly reading charts is you can reward your kids however you want!  We like to give these non-candy items that we typically fill Easter eggs with or hand out at Halloween.

Many reading programs, like from the library or Half-Priced books, will give a free book as a reward for finishing the program. They do this because these companies understand the importance of reading.  We like to be able to reward along the journey, so we give small rewards for each line that gets colored in, and then one big reward at the end of each month.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

You can download all of them as a PDF at the bottom of this article, or you can get them individually by clicking on the images below.

And if you like free printables, check out this free Weird Holidays printable for every single day of the year! Your kids can also practice their number recognition with these 42 free printable color-by-number worksheets.

January Free Printable Reading Chart

Kick off the new year with our Rocket Fireworks reading chart for kids! This exciting theme is perfect for January, encouraging children to launch into their reading goals with enthusiasm. Each book read marks another step in their thrilling journey across a sky filled with dazzling fireworks.

February Free Printable Reading Chart

February’s reading chart is all about love and hearts. As children delve into their books, they can fill their chart with colorful hearts, celebrating each story they embrace. It’s a lovely way to combine the joy of reading with the warmth of the Valentine’s month.

March Free Printable Reading Chart

March brings the luck of the Irish with our Four Leaf Clover themed reading chart. Every book your child reads will add a lucky clover to their chart, turning their reading journey into a quest for good fortune and great stories.

April Free Printable Reading Chart

April’s reading chart is adorned with rain clouds, perfect for spring’s showers. Each book read helps to fill the cloud with rain, symbolizing the nourishing effect of reading on young minds. It’s a great way to encourage reading during those rainy April days.

May Reading Chart

Celebrate the blooming month of May with our Flower-themed reading chart. As children read, they add vibrant flowers to their chart, creating a beautiful garden of books. This floral theme is perfect for spring and inspires kids to grow their reading habits.

June Reading Chart

Welcome the sunshine of June with our Sun-themed reading chart. Each book read adds a ray of sunshine, making the sun brighter and more radiant. It’s a wonderful way to encourage reading during the long, sunny days of summer.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

July Reading Chart

Cool off in July with our Ice Cream Cone themed reading chart. For every book read, kids get to add another scoop to their cone, making their reading experience as sweet and refreshing as a summer treat.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

August Reading Chart

Dive into August with a Sand Pail Bucket and Shovel themed reading chart. Each book adds a scoop of sand or a seashell to the pail, capturing the essence of beachside summer reading and the joy of building a sandcastle of stories.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

September Free Printable Reading Chart

Back to school in September with our Pencil-themed reading chart. Each book read pencils in a step towards the completion of their chart, symbolizing the new academic year and the learning journey ahead.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

October Reading Chart

Get into the Halloween and fall spirit with October’s Pumpkin-themed reading chart. Each book adds a piece to their pumpkin, carving out a spooky and fun reading adventure that celebrates the autumn season.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

November Reading Chart

November’s reading chart features a Turkey with a Pilgrim Hat, perfect for Thanksgiving month. Every book read adds a feather to the turkey, creating a colorful and festive bird that symbolizes gratitude for stories and learning.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

December Reading Chart

Wrap up the year with our Snowman-themed reading chart for December. As kids read, they build their snowman, book by book, celebrating the winter season and the cozy joy of reading by a warm fire.

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

Monthly Reading Charts PDF

Monthly Reading Charts PDF – with numbered days

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  1. This is so perfect. Thank you for having this available! We can now help out our primary students get excited about reading the scriptures this year. Can’t wait to print these!

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