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Best Baby Shower Game Ever (based on Memory)

by Tiffany
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This cute memory game is the perfect addition to any baby shower, whether the mom-to-be is having a girl or a boy!  Each matching pair is rewarded with a candy bar that cleverly fits the pregnancy-related words.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my family threw me a baby shower.  We had so much fun, and a lot of it was due to the adorable memory game she came up with for us to play.

But first, I have to show off the cute diaper cake she gifted me!

And the really cute fruit creation my sister made:

Ok, back to the Baby Shower Memory Game.

You all know how to play Memory, right?  You flip over two squares and if they are a match, they are removed from the board.  In traditional games, the person with the most matches wins.

In this game, however, everyone who gets a match is a winner!

The squares to be flipped over are numbered, and behind each number is a word related to pregnancy or giving birth.  Each guest takes turns picking numbers to be flipped over.  When someone found a matching pair, they got a corresponding candy bar.

Here’s a picture of the board:

The candy bars are what made this game really fun!  They were funny, cute, and definitely made the game memorable!  The play on words had some of us laughing so hard we cried.  (Except in my case, I almost peed my pants because I was 7 months pregnant!)

Here are the words with the corresponding candy bars:

  • Pregnant…Rollo
  • Mommy…Bit O’ Honey
  • Daddy…Big Hunk
  • Baby Boy…Almond Joy
  • Baby Girl…Mounds
  • OB/GYN…Butterfingers
  • Umbilical Cord…rope of licorice/nerds
  • Conception…Skor
  • Epidural…Livesavers
  • Hospital Bill…100 Grand
  • Labor…Extra gum (because it’s extra long) OR Everlasting Gobstoppers
  • 9  Months…Extra gum (because it’s extra long) OR Everlasting Gobstoppers
  • Mood Swings…Warheads
  • Lullaby…Symphony
  • 11 Pound Baby…Whopper
  • Stretch Marks…Laffy Taffy
  • Dirty Diapers…Goobers or Milk Duds
  • Twins…Twix
  • Water Breaks…Gushers
  • Love…Hugs and Kisses
  • Engorged…Milkfuls
  • Pregnant…Rolos
  • Postpartum Tummy…Jelly Belly
  • Incontinence…Fast Break
  • Midnight Cravings…Riesen
  • Fetal Movement…Kickerz
  • Swollen Ankles…Chunky
  • Baby…Treasures
  • Delivery…Rocky Road
  • Positive pregnancy test…Shockers
  • Stool softener…Caramello
  • Episiotomy …Nips
  • Nursing…Munch
  • Naptime…Take 5
  • Ultrasound…Look
  • Baby’s Cry…Screaming Sours
  • Afterbirth…Whatchamacallit
  • Bra Size…whoppers
  • Girl Names…Baby Ruth
  • Boy Names…Oh Henry
  • Tax deduction…Payday
  • Siblings…Junior Mints
  • Anesthesiologist…Mr. Goodbar
  • Nurses…Sweettarts
  • Hemorrhoids…Hot Tamales
  • Laundry…Mounds
  • Breastfeeding…Milky Way
  • Contractions…Good & Plenty
  • Time Alone…Zero
  • Hospital Nursery…Cry babies
  • Teething…Crunch
  • Baby’s First Giggles…Snickers
  • Baby Acne…Dots

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