Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies

Kids love toys and they do not care about the brand or the pricing of the toy. Therefore, it is always good to make some creative sensory toys at home. If you don’t know what kind of toys you should develop for your kid, then keep reading to get some great ideas for homemade sensory development toys for babies.

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Sensory toys are great for building the initial senses in a toddler. Often you will find them in a variety of stores but at a very high price. If you’re trying to never pay full price for gifts, this post is for you!

Toys do not last long, so, it is needless to spend a high amount for a sensory toy. We will help you find some great ideas to develop sensory toys for kids at home. Whatever product you buy for your kid, make sure that you check the baby products review.

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Also, while making toys keep in mind the size, material, strings used and so on. If you are wondering when should a child be introduced to sensory toys, then you should introduce your kid to sensory toys from the age of 6 months. That is the age when they start having control of their first movements and begin preparing for the world.

If it’s cold outside, check out these ideas for winter sensory play for toddlers.

Keep reading for some great homemade sensory toys ideas and save some money on gifts while you’re at it!

If your child is a little older, then consider making an alphabet sensory bin, or even one of these six sensory bins.

Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies - Board Books
Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies – Board Books

Ideas for Homemade Sensory Toys for Babies

1.      Building Blocks

You can create building blocks for your baby out of the small boxes used for tissues, tea bags and cereal. To make the box sturdy, stuff it with an ample amount of newspapers. Cover the blocks with brightly coloured book coverings. It is highly advisable to use 100% adhesive book coverings. There should be no bits of paper or tape coming out as that might cause choking.

2.      Board Book

You can easily make a board book for your child by cutting out colourful pictures from magazines and sticking them on a cardboard or a sturdy card. Make sure that you form an accordion by sticking them together. You can also stick in the board book, pictures of your family, pet and neighbourhood. It is one of the best sensory toys because it is not only fun to play with but also helps your kids to learn about the surrounding.

3.      Rattle

Toddlers love to play with a rattle. You can easily make a homemade rattle by using a small tin box and putting it in a hand full of stones. Make sure that you close the lid tightly to avoid any chances of the stones to fall out. Also, the tape must be pressed flat on the can so that your baby does not pull off small pieces.

4.      Clicking Toys

Toys, where babies get to click, are the best sensory toys for toddlers. You can let them play with an obsolete calculator. When they click on the calculator, their senses for touch and dexterity improves. Therefore, your out-of-use calculator can be a great sensory toy for your kid.

Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies - Clicking Toys
Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies – Clicking Toys

5.      Sound Socks

You can use your old socks to develop great homemade sensory fidget toys. All you will have to do is, fill the old socks with some tiny materials that make quite interesting sounds. It is a great sensory toy to develop the hearing capacity of a growing toddler.

6.      Stacker Cups

Stacker cups are great sensory toys for pre-schoolers. You can collect the lids of the containers like hair spray, shaving foam and cooking oil. The colourful container lids of different bottles will grab the attention of the kid and also help them learn more about colours. So, today onwards after using a container, clean the lid and develop an engaging sensory toy for your kid with that.

7.      Rice Bin

Create a rice bin and fill it with an ample amount of rice. Hide inside it some fun shapes, measuring cylinder and other stuff and let your kid find that out. This is a great sensory processing disorder toy. It enables your kid to use his brain and sense of touch to find out the hidden treasure.

8.      Mailbox

Take a sturdy box and cut out various shapes in it. Give your kid a handful of other toys or cardboard cut shapes. Let them pass that toy through the holes in the sturdy box. After playing this game for a while, they will start understanding which shape fits which hole in the mailbox. It is a great sensory toy to increase the understanding of shapes in a kid.

9.      Whistle

You can easily create a homemade whistle using cardboard. The whistle must be painted brightly to attract the eyes of your kid. A whistle is one of the best sensory toys for autism prevention because it helps to improve the speech of the baby. Your baby will try to blow the whistle and will eventually understand the right way of blowing it to produce a sound. They will play around with the up and down of the whistle’s sound which will enhance their auditory senses. Make sure that the cardboard, plastic or paint quality doesn’t contain any toxic elements in it.

Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies - Whistle
Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies – Whistle

10.  Scent Jars

The sense of smell is also very important for your baby. Therefore, create some homemade scent jars. You can easily create them by filling lemons in a tin can. Cover the can with brightly coloured paper and let your toddler play with it. They will smell the jar often and that will help the development of their olfactory system.  

Conclusion of Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies

We hope that this article was able to help you know some great ideas for developing homemade sensory seeker toys for your toddler.

Make sure that every game you create for your kid, is safe to play. To ensure safety keep an eye on the materials used, the materials must be non-toxic. Avoid using strings in the toy because that can be problematic for your toddler and also cover the lids of the canned toys properly.

Beautifully formed homemade sensory baby toys are a great way to reuse unwanted materials in the house!

So, which of the above mentioned sensory toys are you planning to develop for your kid? Do let us know in the comments!

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