Foodie Family Passport Kits: A Kid’s Cooking Club

These Foodie Family Passport Kits are the perfect kids cooking club! Great family activity to help kids learn to cook and enjoy other places.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with a fun kid’s cooking club for you called Foodie Family Passport Kits.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to get kids involved with cooking. Even when you have a fun meal like these Easy Pepperoni Pizza Muffins Kids Can Make, you can only do that so many times.

You can also set up a Monthly Meal Calendar with some of these Easiest Meals for Picky Kids, but eventually, you just want to try something new.

That’s where these Foodie Family Passport Kits come in handy!

What are Foodie Family Passport Kits?

The Foodie Family Passport Kits are the only kids cooking club that is focused on helping your whole family learn to enjoy new foods together!

These are digital cooking kits, and they help your kids become more independent and confident in the kitchen.

They also teach about food from around the world, which adds to your family conversations at the dinner table.

When you focus on the how of trying new foods and include your children in the process, your kids will be more willing to try new dishes from places around the world.

Image of what's inside a Foodie Family Passport Kit

What’s in a Foodie Family Passport Kit?

Inside each virtual kit, you get:

  • Country Culinary Guide that helps you learn the country’s food customs, table manners, phrases to say, and more.
  • Four Recipe Guides with easy, kid-tested and approved recipes with process photos and step by step instructions broken down for kids of different ages.
  • Shopping list printable to save you time at the grocery store.
  • Cooking Timeline so you know exactly when to make each recipe.
  • Two Culinary Skill Lessons to guide your children in the kitchen as they develop safe skills and independence.
  • Foodie Parent Tips on how to serve the meal, conversation starters, and more.
  • Hands on activities to take your learning even further.
  • Extended resources with recommendations for videos, movies, books, and more to continue learning in fun and easy ways.

How do Foodie Family Passport Kits work?

First, you choose which country your family would like to explore on the Foodie Family Passport Kits website.

After purchasing, you can download and print it, or you can view it on a digital device!

Learn together with the Guide to Culinary Explorations.

Plan your meal and put it on the calendar!

Shop! Use the shopping list to gather all the ingredients you need from your pantry, fridge, and grocery store. All recipes use common and easy to find ingredients.

Cook as a family using the cooking skills guides and recipe cards.

Enjoy your meal, using the conversation starters to guide your conversation.

Learn more with the recommended videos, books, and extra activities!

You can purchase each of the kits individually, or you can purchase them all together in a bundle for extra savings!

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If you give it a try, please let us know in the comments what you think!

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