Summer Salad Recipe Ideas

Summertime and warm weather is just around the corner! No one likes cooking over a hot stove when it’s hot outside, so here are some cool and delicious summer salad recipes to keep you away from the boiling cooktop!

Summer break is always so much fun when it begins! However, after a few weeks, it gets hot.

We live in Houston, and the summers get really hot at this time of year. We try to send the kids outside to play, but even at 8am it’s too hot and humid! They always want to go to the splash pad or the pool, but with Tiffany’s Crohn’s disease, she’s not always able to do that.

And when you have to cook in the oven or it’s just been a hot day and the grill is just too warm for comfort, you can have one of these cool and fresh summer salads for lunch or dinner! Or they are a great side to these grilling recipes.

These salads are full of fruits and vegetables, but also some protein! I love cooking the protein and pasta in an Instant Pot during the summer so I still don’t end up over a stove, oven, or grill when I’m overheated and sweaty.

If that isn’t an option, just cook a ton of meat at once and put it in the freezer for easy salad toppings!

Delicious Summer Salads

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