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18 DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

by Tiffany
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Decorate your home with love and hearts with these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas!  Give your house the red and pink boost it needs to celebrate Valentine’s Day with decorations that you made yourself.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

diy valentines day decor idea

Conversation Heart Votives for Valentine’s Day

These conversation heart votives are not only adorable, they’re useful too!  This is an easy gift for kids to make for family, friends, teachers, etc. and you only need simple supplies. Or keep at home to store those extra conversation hearts that no one ever seems to eat.

diy valentine's day decor idea

Yarn Wrapped Valentine LOVE Letters with Felt Flowers

Yarn wrappeed love letters are a great DIY project to add to your mantle or entry table!  Also included are instructions on how to make adorable felt flowers to add a boost to this perfect Valentine’s Day decor.  These are actually very easy, but I will admit they took a little bit of time to make. Best to make them on a tv binge night. They are so worth it, though!

diy valentines day decor idea

Coffee Mug Wall Rack Valentine’s Day Decor

Dress up your coffee mug wall rack with simple Valentine’s Day decor, including a “Gossip Girl” inspired quote you can make with your Cricut.

diy valentines day decor idea

Gilded Mason Jar For Valentine’s Day Decor

Make A Gilded Mason Jar For Valentine’s Day that is perfect to hold roses for your sweetheart, or fill with candy for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift or centerpiece display.

Coffee Filter Valentine’s Day Roses

These coffee filter roses are perfect for Valentine’s day and can be turned into a beautiful arrangement using a vintage teapot to put on display in your home.

Valentine Bunting DIY

Valentine Bunting DIY is easy with the free PDF and step by step instructions.  Whip up something to add a bit of holiday fun to your family-room.  IF you want to make something with common materials you probably already have on hand, this will be a breeze with upholstery webbing, felt, and twine.

diy valentines day decor idea

DIY Driftwood Valentine’s Day Heart Art

Since summer is still several months  away, this little piece of coastal-inspired art will have to suffice in bringing summer sun to your Valentine’s Day decor.  With a few supplies such as cardboard, hot glue, twine and pieces of driftwood, you can create your own sweet, little driftwood heart art.

diy valentines day decor idea

Pine Cone Roses

We wouldall  love to keep fresh cut flowers in our homes every day if we could, who wouldn’t? But since fresh cut flowers are not always possible, here is an alternative with these colorful pine cone roses. Learn how to make your own pinecone flowers with this step-by-step DIY tutorial!

diy valentines day decor idea

DIY Valentine’s Day Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Wreath

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and so here is  a quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day wreath with items purchased at the Dollar Tree.  The great thing about deco mesh is it is so easy to work with. You can just twist and bend it however you want.

diy valentines day decor idea

Valentine’s Day DIY Pallet Art

Get the family together and create this wonderful project just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Art is one of the most inexpensive ways that you can add texture and color to any decor. Not to mention any level of DIY’er can create this piece…it’s also a great one to get the kiddos involved in!

diy valentines day decor idea

Upcycled Scandinavian Woven Hearts Garland

If you have ever been into a Scandinavian home you will probably have noticed woven hearts decorations. (Sometimes called pleated hearts). These lovely Scandi hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s but Christmas too and all year round.  Often Scandi hearts are made from paper or felt in two contrasting colours.  These woven hearts garlands costs almost nothing to make. You just need a few scraps of denim and old felted sweaters to make the Scandi hearts.

diy valentines day decor idea

Wine Cork Craft- Heart Shaped Wall Decor

This is a step-by-step tutorial for a wine cork craft that makes for beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day decor! This is a great project whether you are looking to decorate for Valentine’s Day or if you are looking to entertain the kids. If you do not collect wine corks many craft stores sell them in bulk. Remember you can make your heart shaped wall decor cork craft bigger, smaller or in different shapes and colors!

diy valentines day decor idea

DIY Valentine Mini Wreaths

The wreaths are super simple to make. Just twist the garland tie around to make a perfectly shaped mini-wreath. There is even a video tutorial of the original Christmas wreaths that these are based on.  These can also be used for almost any holiday!  Just switch out the hearts for shamrocks, orange slices, or the American flag!

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Wire and Burlap Wreath

If you’re looking to make a simple heart shaped wreath, then this DIY is a great option. Using just a few materials you likely already have at home and a little bit of time, this rustic heart wreath can be hanging on your wall or door in no time flat (and for little cost too!).

Cross-Stitch Wood Heart Sign

You’ll fall in love with this cross-stitch wood heart sign and look forward to seeing it on your mantel all through February!  It’s extremely simple to make and it will add some fun DIY decor your mantel.

Double-Sided Fluffy Valentine Wreath

Have you ever hung a wreath in a window? It looks great from the inside but the view from outside isn’t great. Learn how to make a double-sided fluffy valentine wreath that you can enjoy from inside or out.

Valentine’s Tissue Box Covers

Do you decorate the house for Valentine’s Day?  It’s so fun to have little pops of red or hearts here and there throughout the house. Wouldn’t one of these make great teacher gifts accompanied by extra tissue boxes?  Because they’re reversible you could make one side Valentine’s themed and the other side in St. Patrick’s Day fabrics.

Easy Paper Crafts: Heart Mobiles for Valentine’s

You’ll adore Easy Paper Crafts – as paper is something that most people have readily available. Easy Paper Crafts are also inexpensive and fun to make.  These paper heart ornaments are a fun activity for school-aged kids and make bright, cheerful decorations for valentines day.

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