47 Free Printable Valentines Kids Can Make

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means school Valentine’s Day parties are coming up!  Live frugally by sending your kids to their class Valentine’s Day parties these fun free Valentines printables!

Free Printable Pokemon Valentine’s Day Cards

These free printable Pokemon Valentine’s Day cards with lollipops are so much fun for kids to pass out to their friends, with all of your favorite Pokemon characters!

DIY | Bear Hugs Valentine

Take the pressure off of Valentine’s Day with this adorable free printable classroom valentine—no craftiness required!  Unbearably adorable printable valentines.

Printable Fun Food Valentine’s Day Cards

Kids will love these really fun, quirky food inspired printable Valentine’s Day cards. They are adorable and fun for anyone. They can be given out alone or attached to the food that they reference. Who doesn’t love getting a huge sucker or a doughnut for Valentine’s Day?

“You’re Just Ducky” Free Valentine Printables

Are you looking for super cute free Valentine printables for your kids to give out this Valentine’s Day? This DIY “You’re Just Ducky” kids valentine is so stinking cute and is very inexpensive to make for the entire class. Plus, these homemade Valentines are something that will put store-bought valentines to shame!

High Five Valentine

If the choice is between a candy Valentine and a noisy Valentine, which do you choose? If you picked noisy, then stick around and learn how to make these darling DIY High Five Valentine printables featuring a small hand clapper toy for your kids.

Free Printable Star Wars Valentines

These are SO cute! If you are looking for some free Star Wars Valentines, you can download and print these at a click of a button – Just click here to bring up the pdf version and print away!

Free LEGO Valentines Printables

Save yourself a trip to the store for Valentine cards and instead print these fun free LEGO Valentines Printables! They are perfect for LEGO-loving kids (which we have around here) and share nice friendship greetings. It’s always fun to select cards that reflect your child’s interests or hobbies.

Kinetic Sand Valentines – Free Printables

Send a fun Valentine’s Day gift to school with your kids!  Their classmates love getting something cute that they will actually want to play with and the parents love when they come home with a gift that isn’t candy or some piece of plastic junk.

DIY Valentine’s Cards: You’re All That and a Bag of Chips

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means you probably need to start thinking about your kid’s Valentine’s Day party at school. If you’re looking for some simple DIY valentine cards, here’s  what you need today! These cool printable valentine cards are unique and so simple to put together!

Camping Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

Celebrate Valentine’s Day without getting too mushy using these camping-themed free printable Valentines Day cards for kids!

Race Car Valentine’s Day Cards with FREE Printable!

These FREE race car Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for any school party! Just add a toy car for a fun and inexpensive non-candy Valentine greeting!

Mandarin Orange Cup Valentine Free Printable

Here’s a Mandarin Orange Cup Valentine Free Printable that is super simple for Valentine’s Day. Great for schools that are candy free, nut free or allergy friendly. This is so super simple and you are able to send this Valentines in with your kids. You can get these complete in minutes.

“A Little Something Sweet” Valentine’s Day Treat Baggies

Use these free printable “A little something sweet” Valentine’s Day treat bag toppers to make easy and affordable homemade valentines.

Minecraft Valentine Cards

Many boys love Minecraft…but they aren’t really fond of Valentine’s Day.  Make these Minecraft valentines at home so you can get just the right “friendly” sort of non-mushy message across in Minecraft style.

DIY You’re a Great Catch Valentine Card Using Goldfish

Are you looking for an easy yet fun alternative to store bought Valentines’s Day cards for your kiddos class this year. Combine kid fave goldfish crackers and a “punny” note for a cute alternative Valentines Day Card idea.

Beach Ball Valentines for Toddlers

Nowadays schools are a little bit stricter about what you can put in Valentine’s so only approved snacks or non-food treats are allowed.  These mini heart beach balls are a great alternative to candy treats and don’t contain any small parts so they are a safe toy for babies.

Printable Disney Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner — which means, if you’re like many parents, you’re already planning your kids Valentine’s for their classroom!  You can print out your favorite of the bunch, or you can print out a sheet that includes them all!  Then simply sign your Valentines, and you’re ready to go!

I Spy My Valentine

In order to get into the spy theme, use paper that looks like it would be on a spy folder.  Or you can print it on plain white paper.  However you decide to give this cute Valentine, it’ll be one of the most clever Valentine’s given out in the class!

Printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

Anytime you can encourage kids to read more, you should. And now that it’s Valentine’s Day. you can incorporate reading into these fun printable classroom Valentines Day Bookmarks for kids.  The best part is they are non-candy Valentines, so you don’t have to worry about food and dye allergies.

Free Printable Sloth Valentines

These Free Printable Sloth Valentines are going to crawl right into your heart this Valentine’s Day!  What says “Valentine’s Day” more than an adorable sloth cuddling a branch?!  These Free Printable Sloth Valentines that are going to be a hit with kids everywhere this Valentine’s Day!

Pokemon Valentine Printable

Since there are so many regulations in school these day about treats or food allergies, you can include a fun Pokemon sticker with each Valentine instead of a candy.

Hostess Valentines (Twinkies Minions, Zingers + More)

This is the easiest of them all. Print the tags and tape them on. Done! Those raspberry pink Zingers don’t need much more to be festive.  You know the kiddos will adore these Twinkies® Minions. (It would be even better with a “googly” eyes).

“You’re A-dough-rable” Play Doh Valentine Printable

With this “You’re A-dough-rable” Play Doh Valentine printable you can turn a plain jar of playdough into a Valentine’s Day gift that is perfect for kids to give their classmates or their teachers.

Super Mario Valentines Printables

The NES classic has brought Mario back to a whole new generation. Download these free printable Mario valentines for your child’s Valentine’s Day party!

Lollipop Flower Valentines

Spread the love with this fun, printable Lollipop Flower Valentine’s Day cards!  These adorable lollipop flowers are the perfect way to say Happy Valentine’s Day and share something sweet.  While you can absolutely cut a flower our of construction paper to make your own lollipop flowers, you could instead use this a free printable to make it easier.

Crayon Box Valentine for Preschoolers

These are the perfect busy mom approved project for upcoming Valentine’s Day parties. Best of all? They are incredibly inexpensive (with a free printable) and are not candy!

Free Printable Pencil Valentine

Perfect for classroom Valentines, this free printable pencil Valentine is super easy for your kids to give. Great for schools that are candy free, nut free or allergy friendly. You can get these free printable pencil Valentine completed in minutes.

Sunglasses Valentine’s Day Cards with FREE Printable & Cut File

These sunglasses make for a fun non-candy Valentine’s Day idea that is perfect for school parties!  There’s a spot on one of the hearts for your kiddo to write who they’re to and from. Super simple!

Fruit Valentine’s Day Card Printatbles

You don’t need to spend a fortune when it comes to giving out Valentine’s Day cards. You can make your own at home. All you just need is a printer, printer paper, or sticker paper, or cardstock, a computer, and a little creativity and you’re all set to make printable Valentine’s day cards for preschoolers free, OR kindergartners, elementary age kids, or anyone!

Cute Pudding Cup Printable Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about your kid’s Valentine’s Day party at school. If you’re looking for some cute printable valentines for kids, I have what you need today! These cute pudding cup printable valentines for kids are unique and so simple to put together!

Kool-Aid Valentine with Free Printable Label

What kid doesn’t like Kool-Aid? Although it’s February, and it’s -12 degrees Fahrenheit outside here this morning, there’s nothing wrong with giving Kool-Aid for a Valentines exchange!

Free Printable for Classmates: Fruit Snack Valentines

Are you frantically searching Pinterest for some cute last-minute Valentine’s for your kiddo to take to school?   Here’s a quick printable and attached some fruit snacks to them, and presto… cute, easy, and they’re done!!

Silly String Valentine Printable – “I Love Being Silly with You”

Are you looking for really cute kids valentines ideas for your little ones? Or, maybe you want a cute Valentine for your kids to give to their classmates? Either way, this is such an incredibly cute DIY valentine. And it doesn’t hurt that it is an inexpensive Valentine as well!

Donut Cards for Valentine’s Day

These donut cards are just adorable and so easy for kids of all ages to make.  This is a super flexible craft that can be done with paint, markers, pencil crayons or even crayons for younger kids.

Easy Printable Valentines for Kids: I’m No Dum-Dum

Here’s another VERY easy printable Valentines for kids.  This easy Homemade Valentines for Kids is perfect for all ages.  Even little kids will have a blast getting to sign their names on this Dum-Dum Valentine.  There are two designs to choose from: one that is rectangle and one that is a heart. Choose, one or both for the most fun Valentine at your school Valentine party.

Free Printable Space Theme Valentine’s Day Cards

Here is a really cute Space Theme Valentine’s Day Card printable for you. It is just so just so darn cute. This cute little astronaut Valentines who is ready to take off is a gender neutral Valentine’s Day Card and is absolutely perfect for classmates.

Printable Baby Yoda Valentines

Obsessed with the adorable Baby Yoda (aka: “The Child”), from Disney+’s The Mandalorian? It seems like he has taken the world by storm, and captured the hearts of Star Wars fans across the nation. But let’s face it. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you KNOW who Baby Yoda is! Baby Yoda is a HOT commodity! With Valentine’s Day approaching, these free printable Baby Yoda Valentines are going to be a hit!

DIY Printable Ninjago Valentine’s

If your kids are like most, they probably want to give out candy along with their Ninjago Valentine’s cards. Just pick up some candy at your local store and make little pouches to attach to these cards.

“Love is a Battlefield” Free Printable Valentine For Kids

Are you looking for a fun and free printable valentine for the kids to give their classmates? This toy soldier Valentine is a fun, unique, easy, and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Rubber Ducky Valentines

What do you give infants for Valentine’s Day? They don’t eat candy, they’d try to eat flowers, they don’t wear jewelry.  This is a perfect gift for little daycare friends.

Glow Stick Valentines

If you’re searching for simple DIY Valentines for kids, you need to check out these cute printable glow stick Valentines. They’re adorable and super easy to make!

“I CEREAL-sly Like You” Valentine with Printable

Many schools still have a fun Valentine’s Day Classroom party.  And that means you may be looking for an equally fun Classroom Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Valentine You Make My Heart SOAR

Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day Printable that  you will all love!  Just simply download the printable and print out on white cardstock paper.  Have your child sign their names, and then attach the airplane eraser with tape. So simple!

Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Treat — The Bubble Printable

It is time for Valentine’s Day parties!  This year pass out something fun, but non-candy, since most kids will otherwise be coming home with a bag full of candy treats.

Applesauce Cup Valentine with free printable

This is a super simple classroom Valentine. Free Printable Applesauce Valentine has a free printable for an applesauce cup. Great for schools that are candy free, nut free or allergy friendly. This Free Printable Applesauce Valentine great for when you realize that TOMORROW you need to send in Valentines with your kids. You can get these complete in minutes.

Monster Valentine’s Day Cards + FREE Printable & Cut Files!

These monster Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect creepy-but-still-loveable treat for your kiddos and their friends! Just print them off, slap on a John Hancock, then either slide in a lollipop or tape on another treat…couldn’t be easier!

Printable Pirate Valentines for Kids

These free pirate valentines printables are packed with funny pirate puns and are sure to make great last minute Valentines for the kids class.

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