Over 150 Best Homemade Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas You’ll Love

Homemade Valentine’s Day dessert ideas, sweets, and treats are a great way to show your love to your partner, husband, wife, spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

We’ve collected a list of some of the yummiest homemade Valentine’s Day dessert ideas from around the web. We can’t possibly eat (or even make) all of them, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try!

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday, especially desserts and we’ve got some great ideas!! We really love Valentine’s Day at our house! Although some of that is because it also happens to be Phillip’s birthday.

We try not to combine the two things – so we usually celebrate his birthday the weekend before and then Valentine’s Day the weekend after (or the reverse, depending on what else is going on in our lives).

We joke that we celebrate Valentine’s Day the weekend afterward because it’s part of living frugally – this way Phillip can buy chocolates, roses, and valentines at a regular price instead of the ridiculous holiday markup.

Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

More Valentine’s inspiration to check out:

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Check our webstory to see our favorites from this list!

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